Quartetto di Cremona in Japan

Jul 3, 2018 Quartetto di Cremona in Japan

​From July 2nd to 6th the <b><a href="https://www.audite.de/en/ensemble/103-quartetto_di_cremona_string_quartet.html">Quartetto di Cremona</a> </b>is<b> </b>touring in Japan. In four concerts in <b>Tokyo</b>, <b>Yokohama</b> and <b>Nagoya</b> they perform works by Mozart, Schumann Webern, Puccini, Respighi, Vacchi... and of course <b>Beethoven</b>!! Each program includes a Beethoven String Quartet, also as a tribute to their outstanding <b>Beethoven Edition</b> at audite and as a celebration of the<b> <a href="https://www.audite.de/en/product/8SACD/21454-beethoven_complete_string_quartets.html">8 SACD boxed set</a></b><a href="https://www.audite.de/en/product/8SACD/21454-beethoven_complete_string_quartets.html"> </a>of this special edition which has&nbsp; just been released. In Japan, the boxed set is available also in a<b> Japanese version</b>.<br>On the occasion of the concerts and the box release audite's Japanese distributor <b>King International </b>organized <b>interviews</b>, <b>CD events</b> and <b>concert sales</b>. Today the<b> Quartetto di Cremona</b> is guest of King International for <b>six interviews</b> which are being held in the offices of King International.


Simone Gramaglia | viola